Justine Henin to retire from Tennis

May 14, 2008

Justine Henin, the number 1 ranked ladies tennis player in the world, has announced she will walk away from the game and retire.  The soon to be 26 year old has dominated the tennis world and has already claimed 7 Grand Slam titles.

After her loss to Safina in Berlin, following a month of rest, Henin said: “What I am have just gone through is not very reassuring.

“I was hoping to rediscover my confidence, and it is not easy.

“I don’t know if something is broken, but I seem to lack the ability. I need to think about.”


It’s rare to see a professional athlete walk away from a game they can still dominate.  The only recent example I can think of is when Barry Sanders left the Detroit Lions when he had many years of solid football remaining.

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