Teacher fired for appearing on Howard Stern

May 9, 2008

School systems just do not like to see their teachers sporting a bikini for money these days. Days after Florida biology teacher Tiffany Shepherd was let go wearing a bikini another teacher had suffered the same fate. Mary Jarry, a second grade teacher from Southington, CT, was fired after competing in and winning the Ugliest husband, Hottest Wife contest for $5,000.  There is some dispute on whether Marie Jarry was asked to leave, resigned or was fired.

“They work hard during the school day and what they do on their own time is their business, but because of the nature of the Howard Stern show, the board was concerned,” said Liz Francis, parent of a Thalberg Elementary School student.

Eyewitness News reporter Erika Arias talked to one parent who said that Jarry was told to resign.

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