Who went home on American Idol?

April 30, 2008

American Idol was down to the final 5 and you know someone’s favorite had to go home tonight. If you are Paula Abdul you probably thing 24 people are still trying to make it into the top 12, but that is only in her empty little head. The David boys were safe as they will be until the final week, Jason Castro was so relaxed high that they had to let him go sit down, so who was the one that got the boot – Syesha or Brooke??? It wouldn’t be Idol if they didn’t make them sit on the couch while an accomplished singer, Natasha Bedingfield, got to promote her new single and she was sounding amazing! She sang Pocket Full of Sunshine from her new CD with the same title.

Brooke White

She even remembered how to get off the stage unlike the words to all of her songs.

Videos from tonight

Bill O’Reilly names Paula Abdul the Pinhead of the Day 4/30/2008

Neil Diamond group songs

Ryan talks about rumors of Paula being drunk on Idol

Neil DIamond Pretty Amazing Grace

Brooke GONE!!!!….Lots of tears

Brooke can’t get through her exit song

Natasha Bedingfield Pocket Full of Sunshine

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