Teachers in Florida are the best!

April 30, 2008

Sure this has nothing to do with celebrity gossip, but it doesn’t have to do with the future of our country – the children. A Port St. Lucie biology teacher, Tiffany Shepherd, claims she has been fired for being a bikini host on fishing trips for Smokin’ Em Charters – classy right?? I mean she didn’t even have sex with an underage student or students in the parking lot of the school and she was fired? Now the school board is fighting back claiming that Tiffany just fails to show up for work.

But district officials say Shepherd was doing something wrong, it just didn’t have anything to do with her after-school activities. They say Shepherd missed more than 30 days of school this year and received two written reprimands for the absences.

“She just doesn’t come to work,” said Susan Ranew, the district’s assistant superintendent of human resources. “We did not know about her second job until after she received her notice of non-renewal.”
Daily Mail

Another Teacher Fired for Wearing a Bikini – This time on the Howard Stern Show!

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