Ronaldo loves him some trannies

April 29, 2008

Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo has a history of being a it loose when it comes to his sexual partners, but even he has limits apparently.  Last night the star was cruising for some of Brazil’s finest prostitutes, which is completely legal in  the country, and he selected a choice few.  Unfortunately when he took the ladies back to a cheap motel he found out that they had some parts he wasn’t interested in.  Ronaldo picked up some  transvestite hookers and offered to be the “ladies” for their time. However one of the participants say an opportunity and tried getting $30,000 out of the footballer to keep the story quiet.

Two of them accepted pay-offs of 1,000 reais (US 600), but Ronaldo has claimed that the third, named as Andreia Albertini, demanded 50,000 reais (US 30,000) and threatened to post a video on the internet if he was not paid.

The police also said that the transvestites have claimed that Ronaldo threatened to hurt them. Nogueira said that Ronaldo had not committed any crimes by contracting the men, but he is looking into other claims.

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