Beyonce and Jay-Z now officially married

April 22, 2008

Those of you that have gone through the marriage process know that until a marriage license is filed with the state you are still not technically married.  Even though their rumored wedding was covered by every press agency in the country their was still no official word.  Well that isn’t the case with Beyonce and Jay-Z as their marriage license has returned to Scarsdale, NY all signed and ready for processing.

The couple filed their signed wedding license Friday in Scarsdale, N.Y., PEOPLE has confirmed exclusively.

Scarsdale Town Clerk Donna Conkling tells PEOPLE the license – which lists the wedding date as April 4 – was received on Friday afternoon.


Guess their is no reason for them to act all hush hush about the wedding.  I expect to see a huge photo spread in some magazine with exclusive photos that cost millions of dollars.  Celebrities say they hate the press, but they have no problem feeing into the whole scene to fatten their wallets when it’s convenient.

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