Debbie Gibson has a stalker!

April 16, 2008

What do stalkers do when they can’t find a celebrity to follow around? They go after 80’s pop icons instead! Debbie Gibson ran into a problem with a person the operates a DG fan club and has attended all of her concerts over the years. Granted the fan club only includes this man and h1s mother, but still a club is a club I say.

Singer Debbie Gibson filed for a restraining order Tuesday against a Spanish man who runs a fan club and has allegedly followed her on concert tours and showed up at her door.

Gibson asked that Bassas Jorge Puigdollers, 44, stay 100 yards away, not attempt to contact her by phone or e-mail, and stop attending her concerts, according to court documents filed in Superior Court.

The man, reached by phone in Spain, said he meant no harm.

Granted this is something you have to take seriously when you don’t feel safe, but you would think Debbie would have invited the guy in for a cup of coffee and and an exclusive interview for his newsletter – which he uses crayons to create – so he can spread the word of Gibson to his followers. the article goes on to say that they are trying to prevent him from going to her shows, but he already has plans to attend all five of her Atlantic City shows. Can she afford to pass up those ticket sales?

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