Who did Flavor send home last night?

April 15, 2008

Things are getting heated on Flavor of Love these days. The ladies are coming down to the wire to be the one true love of Flavor Flav – well until the next season starts – and Flav used Arsenio Hall to get some answers from the ladies and their ex-boyfriends. Also one lady had an issue with some of Flav’s habits that she said she just could live with.

So who didn’t get a clock?

Thing 1 – Her ex basically sold her out on the game show portion of the show by admitting that Thing 1 gave him a little good bye loving before she came on the show.  Flav wasn’t having any of that!

Prototype – Admitted to Flav that her dad was an alcoholic and she could be around someone who drank.  Didn’t she watch the show the last two seasons and know that he wasn’t a saint?

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