Audrina dumps talent agency

April 15, 2008

In a strange twist in the world of The Hills Audrina Patridge has decided to part way with United Talent Agency. UTA represents all of the girls from The Hills and Audrina is pissed she isn’t getting any offers for work.

But a source close to the situation tells E! that Audrina thought UTA had “a conflict of interest” in repping both she and Conrad. “Lauren was getting all the big offers, all the endorsements, the appearances,” says a source. “And Audrina thinks she should be just as big of a star.”


Seriously, doesn’t UTA know that Audrina has already posed naked and had those pictured plastered all over the world?  Has Lauren or Whitney shown the world their naughty bits??  So why is Lauren all over the television, magazines, and product opportunities??  I say good for you AP!  You go and find yourself another talent agency that can get you work….hmmm no takers huh?  They say your dead eyes don’t give you that endorsement glow? Hey just take your clothes off again!

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