Mark Speight undiscovered for six days

April 14, 2008

Mark Speight, an English television presenter who went missing last week, might have hung in London’s Paddington Station for up to six days before being discovered. Speight made headlines when he announced that “Nothing matters anymore” just days before he vanished.

Mr Speight had been devastated by the death of his fiancee, children’s TV actress Natasha Collins, 31, who he found dead in their bath after a cocaine binge in January.

The death of his fiance is believed to be the cause of the downward spiral that resulted in his apparent suicide.

A source with British Transport Police said: ‘His body was discovered in the roof where the joins are. He was certainly not visible to anyone on the ground.

“It looks like he went to this area and killed himself. He was there for a good few days before anyone found him. The area is so remote that even station staff rarely visit it.”

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