Harry Potter lawsuit getting serious

April 14, 2008

J.K. Rowling is in New York City to try and stop the production of a Harry Potter encyclopedia entitled Harry Potter Lexicon. Rowling has allowed websites to use Potter pictures, clips, and graphics without issue in the past, but this book is ruffling her feathers a bit.

But when RDR Books, a small publisher in Muskegon, Mich., announced it was planning to publish a print version last fall of a popular fan Web site called “The Harry Potter Lexicon” (hp-lexicon.org), Ms. Rowling and Warner Brothers, the movie studio that has adapted her books into films, balked. Their objection is that the book merely repackages Ms. Rowling’s work and, unlike the free fan sites, is intended to make money for its publisher.
NY Times

Here is my problem with the reasoning behind the lawsuit. If Rowling and Warner Brothers are claiming that the fan sites are not making money they are crazy. We advertising for some of the more popular Potter sites are surely pulling in thousands a month. Just because the sites don’t make money by selling the Harry Potter information they do make money from its use. I believe the real reason she wants this book stopped is because she has plans to release her own encyclopedia and doesn’t want to hurt it’s possible sales.

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