Who won Rock of Love Season 2?

April 13, 2008

Tonight on VH1 was the Rock of Love Finale where Bret Michaels was forced to choose between Ambre, the older television host, and Daisy, the young stripper that still lives with her ex-boyfriend. Bret took the ladies to Cancun, Mexico for two separate full day dates to really get to know them….and by get to know I mean bone on the same bed 24 hours apart. Ambre surprised Bret by pulling the no underwear trick at dinner and showing off the view to him before they ate. Needless to say Bret never had dinner, but did enjoy dessert. Daisy got to go fishing where she puked her guts out, but was able to make up for it during dinner by bad mouthing Amber and getting to play with Bret’s other instrument.

And the winner is….

Ambre Lake

What is Daisy doing and some hot pics of her!

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