Real Housewife of Nudity

April 13, 2008

The Real Housewives of New York will be wrapping up their first season this week and one of the ladies is making some headlines for an different reason. Alex McCord, the wife of a freaky hotel manager, has decided to bare it all to prove that new moms can have a good body. She might forget, but Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, Catherine Zeta Jones, and many other gorgeous ladies have already proven that you can have a child and still look incredible. Alex should be more concerned about fixing up the run down building she calls home in Brooklyn before showing off her old body. She works at Victoria Secrets Beauty in midtown so I can only imagine what kind of field day people in he office will have with these pictures. I included a little video clip from he show so you can get an idea of who you are checking out here.

Some great video clips from the show

Alex makes the New York Times

LuAnn the mentor

Alex doesn’t get girls night out

Francois gets evaluated

Ramona dances

Ramona throws a fit

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