Lindsay offers to show her firecrotch…gets rejected

April 10, 2008

Lindsay Lohan offers to go naked

Lindsay Lohan wants to be taken seriously as an actress and in an attempt to revive her slumping career has offered to bare it all in an upcoming independent film. Lohan will appear in the movie Florence as a nymphomaniac waitress and has offered to show us more than we saw in her New York Magazine photo shoot.

An insider told The Sun: “Lindsay doesn’t care she’s getting paid peanuts. She wants to remind people she can act and that she is worth hiring.”

Another source added: “She is fully aware of the potential of her body. Lindsay wants to build up an image as a mature, responsible actress.”

Daily Mail

Another site claims that the offer to show off the goods was rejected by film producers.

Also, the source reports that although the script only requires LiLo to show her boobs, she offered to go all the way down and strip completely. “She said it would be no problem to go Full Monty,” added the insider. Thankfully, the producers refused to go along with her very helpful offer.


Now she will only be making about $75,000 for her role in this movie so the odds of it losing money should be slim. If she does bare it all you know people will go just for the curiosity factor of weather or not the crotch really is made of fire! Either way when you want to be taken seriously as an actor the best way to accomplish that is by getting completely naked in a low budget independent film. That’s how Jenna Jameson did it!

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