Katie Couric about to be shown the door at CBS

April 10, 2008

Katie Couric out at CBS

It appears that the $75 million gamble CBS made that Katie Couric could bring her daytime magic to the evening news is about to go bust. The former Today host that took over at CBS has been stuck in third place in the ratings with no real sign of improvement on the horizon.

Katie Couric and CBS News are talking for the first time about her giving up the anchor chair after the November election if her ratings don’t improve, a course that could result in her leaving the network, sources familiar with the situation say.


All Katie needs to do is bring Al rocker over from NBC to do some heart warming skits with the kids or announce some birthdays. She does that and she will be golden! If I am Katie I refuse to leave until I get my remaining cash and laugh all the way to the bank. Maybe she can team up with Connie Chung as former respected TV personalities that live together and try to find new jobs. I see UPN sitcom written all over this – it can follow Flavor Flav’s new show.

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