Dark Knight Joker scene to be cut?

April 9, 2008

Heath Ledger as the Joker

An early pre-screening of the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight,  a scene featuring Heath Ledger as the Joker caused a bit of a negative reaction amongst audience members.

 Early audience screenings of new BATMAN movie THE DARK KNIGHT have left viewers stunned thanks to an unfortunate scene featuring late actor HEATH LEDGER’s THE JOKER playing dead in a bodybag.

The unsettling scene has prompted studio bosses at Warner Brothers to consider cutting the footage from the sequel when it hits cinemas on full release in July


Obviously seeing an actor that has recently passed away in a body bag might upset some movie goers, but they shouldn’t adjust the the movie because of it.  heath Ledger gave his all to play this rol nd to cut a scene because peopl are upset about it isn’t the way to go. People are going into the movie knowing they are seeing an actor that has passed away and if they can;t handle that they just shouldn’t go.


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