Win a date with a whore!

April 8, 2008

How much would you pay to win a date with Rock of Love 2 contestant Frenchy? Well if you have the means you can get in on the bidding for just $2,500!

Frenchy for “Rock of Love 2” can be your date anywhere in the country. She could host your special event, caddy your golf game, dinner and a movie or just show up at your work.
This type of auction has never been done before as we normaly book these celebritys in night clubs and special events.
Winning bidder would be required to sign the standard :Artist Engagement Agreement, provide one R/T coach class ticket from Las Vegas and provide all local ground transportation and hotel accomodation at a 4 star or better hotel.
The apperance must be complete within 3 months of winning the auction.

First of all I love the spelling in their description. Now I make plenty of spelling mistakes here, but I am not trying to pass myself off as a reputable entertainment company selling a date with a so called TV Star. I love that you not only have to win the auction, but also provide airfare, hotel, and transportation. Based on that I would assume she will be providing the penicillin to clear up all rashes that should occur 7 days after initial contact.

Frenchy up for auction

Frenchy up for auction Frenchy up for auction Frenchy up for auction Frenchy up for auction

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