Tom Cruise to beam J-Lo’s kids up

April 8, 2008

Tom Cruise J-Lo Godfather

Jennifer Lopez is about to sign a spiritual contract with Tom Cruise and his cult followers. J-Lo has asked Tom Cruise to be the Godfather to her two new born twins. This makes perfect sense to me if it is true because if she is concerned about the children’s safety she can make use of Tom’s many spaceships and futuristic technology to track them anywhere in he universe.

“Tom is delighted. Marc wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to have a Scientologist as the kids’ godfather, especially as he and Jennifer are both Catholic. But in the end Jennifer managed to convince him to agree.”


I bet the kids will have to wear tin foils hats to protect their minds from the alien mind control devices that have been trying to get at Tom Cruise for years. Doesn’t Jenny have any family back on the block that would be a better fit as Godfather for her children?

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