Are Beyonce and Jay-Z getting married?

April 4, 2008

Beyonce and Jay-Z are creating a storm of news this Friday as it appears they are finally going to officially tie the knot. the pair picked up their marriage license the other day and today they have a tent, catering, gusts, and a reverend all coming together dressed in white.

At Beyonce’s midtown Manhattan apartment, her sister Solange — decked out in all white, including a skirt made from feathers — and Jay-Z’s mom, Gloria Carter, were spotted.
Beyonce’s father, Mathew, who wore a tux, was also spotted being whisked downtown in a blue Jaguar.
Just before 8 p.m., a Reverend and his wife arrived at Jay-Z’s apartment, according to an witness.


There are no pictures of the happy couple, but the Insider has pictures of the roof top tent, some fancy candle holder things, and a bouquet of white flowers and feathers that would make Lauren Conrad in a tizzy. If that is actually her bouquet I can only imagine what the hell this dress is going to look like. She might pull out an updated version of Bjork and her swan dress from years back.

Beyonce bouquet

Beyonce and Jay-Z wedding Beyonce and Jay-Z wedding

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