Google Releases “Custom Time”

April 1, 2008

Today is a huge day at Google as they release a new exciting feature on their hugely popular GMail service.  Google has launched a feature called Custom Time that allows you to set a time stamp on your e-mails.  Why is this important you ask?  Well you can past date your e-mails and you will never again be late!  Say you owed a professor a paper by 9am on March 28th and you never sent it?  Well with Google Custom Time you can set your e-mail date to March 27 and send away.  They will receive it in chronological order in their mailbox and will think they either missed it or it just got hung up in the Internet somewhere – I mean the net is very hard to navigate!

For screen shot and more details keep reading!!

Google Custom Time

 More details here

(PS - If you haven't figure it out yet this is Google's Annual April Fool's Joke!)
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