Don’t cheat on Teri Garr

March 31, 2008

Teri Garr would like to remind all them men out there that decide to cheat on their girlfriends that you might be playing with fire. the actress that has appeared in numerous movies and television shows recounted a story about an incident from 1990. Apparently Garr’s received a call from a woman claiming that she was sleeping with Garr’s boyfriend at the time. Did Garr get upset at the female that awoke her from a peaceful sleep or did she go to the source?

“I went into the closet to get some of his stuff because he’d practically been living with me,” says Garr. “I threw it all in a box — I even had his baby pictures. And then for some reason I saw a hammer and I threw that in the box, too.”

Enraged, Garr says she drove to her boyfriend’s house in 1990 and did what many a scorned woman has only dreamed of: She smashed all his windows.


The funniest part of the story is when the cops show up and make sure she is OK because they thought she was the victim in the whole thing. This just goes to show you that if you give a woman a hammer and a reason you are in from some serious hurt!

Teri Garr revenge

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