Ashlee Simpson not welcome at SNL

March 31, 2008

Ashlee Simpson is out promoting her latest CD, Bittersweet World, and her freakish manager father is trying to get her booked on Saturday Night Live. Only issue with that is the last time Ashlee performed on the show she made national headlines over her lip syncing and ho down dance routine. The incident is still talked about nearly four years later.

An insider said her father, Joe Simpson, “wanted her to go on ‘SNL’ – where her first appearance, in 2004, was marred by her lip-synching fiasco – and they said no.” Word is Ashlee was “a pain” during her time at “SNL” and the producers have notoriously long memories.

NY Post

Maybe after thousands of dollars in plastic surgery, a new steady boyfriend, her sister’s failed marriage, and a stint in Chicago she might be able to get through two songs without making an ass out of herself. I don’t think it could be any worse than SNL cameramen shooting up the skirt of Mariah Carey or Kanye forgetting the words to his own rap. I say give her another shot and people will tune it just praying for a train wreck performance.

Saturday Night Live says no to Ashlee Simpson

Video of her original performance on the flip…

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