Lindsay Lohan is joining a cult

March 27, 2008

Well at least she is staying busy doing something. Actually Lindsay Lohan will star in a new movie about serial killer Charles Manson and his group of followers.

E! News has learned exclusively that Lindsay Lohan has signed on to star as Nancy Pittman, once a loyal member of Charles Manson’s not-so-merry band, in the movie Manson Girls.

The film’s director, Brad Wyman of Junction Films, confirmed the casting coup.

“Yes, I am doing it with Lindsay,” he tells E! News.


The article goes on top show the true confidence of the director and studio with their decision to hire Lindsay.  They have  taken insurance out on the actress just in case she pulls another Georgia Rules and stars to play hookie and oversleep her scenes.  Wonder if she can take home eight Razzies in a supporting role?  That would be impressive.

Lindsay Lohan joins a cult

She might make a good nut.

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