Richie Sambora Busted

March 26, 2008

Richie Sambora, lead guitarist for Bon Jovi, ex-husband of Heather Locklear, former boyfriend of Denise Richards, former rehab patient, and now busted for drunk driving.

Law enforcement sources tell us the Bon Jovi guitarist was pulled over by the Laguna Beach PD just before 11:00 PM last night. Cops say they observed him driving erratically and pulled him over. He failed numerous field sobriety tests and was detained for DUI.


In typical celebrity fashion Sambora will probably get off with a slap on the wrist for an infraction that could have led to someone getting killed. Just one I would like to see them throw the book at one of these drunks. Joe Francis ends up in jail for months for tax evasion issues and Paris, Lindsay, and Nicole get reality shows out of their deals.

Richie Sambora DUI
I bet it is all her fault!


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