Britney facing some driving charges

March 21, 2008

Just when you think everything is going perfectly for Britney Spears she finds out that she isn’t being let off the hook for driving without a license. She is back dancing, helping little kids, will return to acting, and is even spending time with her kids, but that doesn’t allow a forgive and forget ruling in LA. Her lawyer had argued that Brit had nothing on her record that should keep them from dropping this little issue. However, they felt a little different about the situation.

But Los Angeles city attorney Michael Amerian said Spears’ hit-and-run charge had already been dropped from the incident last August when her Mercedes hit a parked car.

Pursuing the driving without a license charges, Amerian argued, is “the fairest way to treat her. [We’re] not affected by her celebrity status.”


The fairest way to treat a celebrity is to drop all the charges and get them their own reality show. Isn’t that the way this works? You drop the hit and run, but pursue the no license issue? Just seems like they were already affected by her celebrity status if you ask me.

Britney Spear car accident

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