Rookies win the Gauntlet by default!

March 19, 2008

MTV had some controversy on the finale of The Gauntlet as the Veterans and the Rookies took their best shot at $300,000. The Army Challenge requires the teams to swim a half mile in the ocean, chain themselves together, and perform similar challenges to what was done all season. The rookies were crushing the veterans who failed to eliminate Eric earlier on this season. Eric, if you didn’t know, is a 250 pounder that doesn’t do to well when it comes to running in extreme heat. Half way through Eric goes down and is carted off in an ambulance with his teammates screaming at him for being a quitter. The vets took off after the nearly dead weight was wheeled away an actually caught up to the Rookies. The were even able to dig six feet into the sand and win the final phase by raising their flag, but no horn sounded. They were informed that since Eric didn’t finish as per the rules the rookies were taking home the money by default. Some will complain that was a crap ruling, but the Veterans were so concerned about eliminating the ladies because they feared they would slow them down in the final challenge. Who would have thought it would be a guy costing them he big payday after ruling the competition all season.


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