Ashley Alexandra Dupre about to cash in

March 15, 2008

So what does being the hooker that brought down the Governor of New York actually get you these day?  Well if you are Ashley Alexandra Dupre you are about to go from a few thousand an hour for lying on your back to millions in possible book deals, modeling, music, and appearances.  The Emeror Club escort known as Kristen in court papers had her photos  splashed on every new paper, magazine, and news show this week.

A rep for Hustler Magazine has confirmed exclusively to Access Hollywood a seven-figure offer will be made to the call girl.

“Larry Flynt and Hustler Magazine will be offering $1 Million to Ashley Dupre to pose for Hustler Magazine,” the rep told Access. “We want this to happen as soon as possible.”

But the folks at Hustler aren’t the only ones willing to pony up for the rights to feature Ashley in the buff.


Ashley has also will reportedly be receiving offers from Penthouse Magazine, Vivid Entertainment, and several record labels looking to get her music out as fast as possible.  Her MySpace page was taken down after it received over 2 million hits in a matter of hours.  Those hits listened to her music and it is actually getting radio airplay.   If she learned anything from hooking it should have been take the money when you can get it and if someone offers you 7 figures to show off what you already sold take the money!

Ashley Alexandra Dupre photos bring offers

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