Minnie Driver expecting a mystery baby

March 14, 2008

So Minnie Driver has revealed she is pregnant with her first child. Now the question becomes who is the father of this new bundle of joy?

Driver, 38, revealed her pregnancy Thursday on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno after Leno quipped that it looked like she had gained weight from too many trips to the Hometown Buffet.
“Are you calling me fat? You’ve noticed my tummy, haven’t you?” Driver asked.
“Are you pregnant?” Leno asked.
“Yes, I am,” the actress said.


My guess is that Chris Angel, one of Minnie’s reported past boyfriends, is in the midst of his greatest illusion and will actually emerge from Minnie’s vagina in6 months. Sure it could be a baby that comes out, but wouldn’t a full grow, bearded, lisping magician be so much cooler? That is probably why she is having morning sickness all day long. If you had Chris Angel in your womb you would be sick over it too.

Minnie Driver is pregnant

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