Ryan Seacrest dating an Olly girl

March 12, 2008

If the rumors are true – which we currently don’t know – it appears Ryan Seacrest is dating a reality show superstar. Reports in InTouch say that Seacrest has been linked to Sunset Tan’s Holly Huddleston.

Ryan has managed to keep the relationship hush-hush since the couple started dating, but Holly has been seen recently backstage at Idol tapings, adding fuel to the rumor mill. Ryan, 33, and Holly, 22, reportedly met through a mutual E! network connection.

I am not really sure what to think about this match. Remember when Ryan was link to Teri Hatcher? I mean she was like what 80? Why would Ryan keep that hush hush? Unless Holly is some sort of side piece that he doesn’t want his real squeeze to know about. Ah come out what are the odds he is dating two women at the same time? He has looked especially tan lately though.

Holly Huddleston dating Ryan Seacest

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