Jenna Jameson gets kinky for PETA

March 10, 2008

The latest celebrity to get sexy for PETA is the most famous retired female porn star in the world – Jenna Jameson.  Jenna doesn’t bare all for PETA, but does get a bit kinky in her pleather bikini showing off the leather alternative that is a bit more animal friendly with the tag line “Pleather Yourself”.

She is also a woman of her word and practices what she preaches. “I’ve worn a lot of pleather in my life,” she says. “Anybody that knows Jenna Jameson knows I’ve lived half my life in it.”


Jenna actually looks pretty sexy in these pictures compared to some of her recent shots where she appears all worn out and leathery at the young age of 32.  You would think all that protein would have been good for her skin right?

 Jenna Jameson for PETA

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