Is Britney going broke?

March 3, 2008

Britney Spears, who once claimed around a $100 million fortune, has apparently blown more than half of it in the last couple of years. From crazy shopping sprees, houses, cars, alimony, child support, and no sustainable money coming in from tours or CD sales the form pop star is in danger of being broke before she turns 30.

A business associate said, “There was a moment when her mother said she could be out of money within four years, and her children will still be at primary school.”

“That was when she really sat up and took notice.”


Maybe Britney was left a huge inheritance and she has to spend all of her existing money by a certain date to gain the big money — sort of like Brewster’s Millions. How else do you explain her shelling out all that money for K-Feds rap CD? Of course that CD might get a second wind when it hits store shelves in remotes parts of South America so there is hope with that still.


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