Oprah’s Big Give a confusing disappointment

March 2, 2008

OK I am watching this show and I have to say way too much going on. We are 24 minutes in and people are already making cold calls to raise money, hitting up stores, one pair of teammates is lost, now judges are coming out. It seems like they are trying to rebuild a bunch of lives in a short amount of time, but they don’t seem to be explaining how they are doing it. Where are these phone numbers coming from? Cars being donated? Casinos throwing money around? Feels like this is all very staged so far.

We are now 39 minutes in and one family has already been given $100,000 in gifts from one team. However they show just doesn’t spend enough time with the families to gain an emotional connection and the teams seem to pull all of this money out of no where. Also who plans a block party in 2 days?

Also why is a soon to be medical school graduate with student loans part of the big give? Isn’t he going to be a doctor with the potential to make a nice living for himself? Aren’t there more needy families out there without a home or money for food? I was just expecting more from an Oprah show.

They are trying to make people cry with the emotional gift events and the cheesy music, but the show has zero feel to it. The Home Makeover show on prior to this makes you want to help and feel for the family. This show just seems to fly by with no feeling to it. How is Jamie Foxx dropping 50 grand? It’s like the Apprentice meets charitable giving and I say if you don’t give enough you should get fired!

I am sorry the show has a nice premise to help people and promote giving, but give me a break! It’s easy to give when you have huge celebrities and companies dumping money around with no explanation how they are getting involved. Sorry, but this could have been an inspirational show that set examples of how easy it is to help people. I think Oprah missed the mark with this one, but you know her fans will flock to it like crazy.

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