Britney Spears camp denies pregnancy rumors

March 2, 2008

Is Britney Spears pregnant with Adnan Ghalib’s love child? If so it would be a jackpot baby for a money grubbing photog that took Britney like a moth to a pile of money on fire. Of course Britney and her camp have issued a flat out denial to the suggestion that she might be with child.

Sources close to the singer have been forced to comment on speculation that the 26-year-old was pregnant with her third child after reports said Ghalib had told friends in Britain that he was going to become a father.

“Britney has put on weight because the doctors have switched her prescription,” a source was quoted in The Sun.


I wonder what happens when in seven more months she has but on a 10 pound beer belly? My gas is they will claim medication and a hernia has caused a severe gas build up that should alleviate itself after a short stay in the hospital. That stay will be followed up that Angelina Jolie has adopted another child from a country no one has heard of. The baby won’t actually cry but will lip sync to other babies singing around it.

Britney Spears denies pregnancy rumors
So what’s in that belly Britney?  Starbucks?

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