Buy Scarlett Johansson….for charity of course

March 1, 2008

How much would pay to get a chance at Scarlett Johansson? Well this is your chance to put your money where your mouth is because the sexy actress is up for auction! What a wonderful world it is when you can just by Scarlett for a night. Of course it doesn’t come with any guaranteed nookie, but I am sure if you have game you will b all set.

Bid on two tickets to be Scarlett’s guest to the He’s Just Not That Into You premiere and meet her, plus win signed DVDs along and a personal note! Red carpet items from fellow Oxfam Ambassadors Helen Mirren and Felicity Huffman will also be up for auction.


The auction is taking place on eBay starting tomorrow and running through the 12th. Take a look you can also in a meeting with Kristin Davis and Colin Firth so if you can bag Scarellt maybe one of those two floats your boat.

Scarlett Johansson up for auction
Hey baby how much? We will find on soon:)

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