Perez Hilton……sex tape scandal???

February 29, 2008

Yeah I know I was like who would want to see Perez in green night vision doing nasty stuff on film?!? Apparently though it isn’t Perez that is doing naughty stuff it is another celebrity blogger that claims he sent Perez sex tapes in exchange for publicity.

Former publicist and gossip writer Jonathan Jaxson, who founded the site JJ’s Dirt, told the newspaper he sent Hilton sexually explicit tapes of himself so that Hilton would help him break into the big time.

“He would tell me he would give me stories for my blog,” Jaxson told the Post.

“He used me.”


Some people buy advertising space, other do research, some send sex tapes to other bloggers to get their stories. I can see how that made sense. At what point does what happened go from naughty cyber fun to being used? Maybe Perez was just trying to grease the wheels and have some fun and you have to wonder what the hell JJ thought he could really gain from this aside from a few days of increased traffic.

Perez Hilton sex tape scandal

I thought green meant trustworthy?

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