JLo drops $700k per kid and they have names!

February 28, 2008

Jennifer Lopez is the proud mother of twin babies and she reportedly spent a boat load per kid to ensure her birthing experience was as divaful as possible!

Sources says Lopez, who delivered a boy and a girl at North Shore University Hospital in New York on February 22, shelled out $700,000 to reserve the lavish birthing suite at the hospital. She also spent $175,000 per week for the suit, which had been reserved for three weeks even before she checked in. The birthing suite has a large Apple computer monitor, private kitchen, two flat-screen TVs, and white couches. The 38-year-old singer/actress and her husband, Marc Anthony, paid another $300,000 for the private doctors and nurses, $300,000 for the security, and $100,000 for the personal assistants. According to In Touch magazine, an insider had heard that Lopez called her newborns.

Now the big news is that the names of the babies might have leaked according to InTouch magazine. Based on whispers heard round the hospital the babies were referred to as Maximiano and Emelina. If those are the real names or just decoys used to throw some nosy nurse off is still not known. I guess we will just have to wait for the $6 million cover that will easily make up for the cost of the birthing.

Jennifer Lopez baby names


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