What is Lauren Cleri doing now?

February 27, 2008

She hoped that “The Moment of Truth” would bring her some fame and fortune, but instead it brought her no money and a lot of nasty comments on the web.  Lauren Cleri and her husband Frank were interviewed for the NY Post yesterday and some of the things we find out are interesting.

  • Frank already knew about Lauren’s cheating
  • The couple had discussed everything covered on the show ahead of time
  • Lauren hoped to get famous f and rich from the  show, but no job offers yet and they didn’t take home a dime
  • Couple is still married, but Lauren thinks Frank wants out
    more at the NY Post

Based on the interview it doesn’t sound like these two will make it for the long run so men if you are looking for a soon to be divorced aspiring model who will do anything for money you might be in luck!

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