Paris Hilton is hard up for friends

February 25, 2008

Paris Hilton will never get invited to the Oscars, Oscar after parties, Oscar viewing parties, or Oscar fantasy leagues if she keeps doing reality television. That isn’t stopping her though because Paris is coming back to the small screen to rock your world.

“The show is going to be about her searching for a new best friend,” a source tells “Paris is tired of the haters and she’s looking for someone new. She’s looking for someone new and cool who she can trust.”


So who wants to be Paris’ best friend? I am sure finding someone on a reality show to be your best friend is a nice idea. I mean look at the success Flava Flav has had finding love and Brett Michaels isn’t doing all that bad. Paris will befriend some wholesome southern girl that is into music and hopes to have a couple of boys one day. Oh wait she was already friends with Britney wasn’t she?

Paris Hilton searches for friends

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