Lindsay Lohan doubles up on rejection

February 17, 2008

Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab, out of boyfriends, and getting rejected left and right.  Lindsay was looking for a last minute Valentine and she had no luck with Leo and Adrian.

Lindsay was seen tossing her red leather jacket aside and taking “Entourage” star Adrian Grenier on the dance floor, according to a report by Rush & Molloy in the New York Daily News.
When Adrian Grenier’s date cut into Lindsay’ quality time with the actor, she reportedly set her sights on Leonardo DiCaprio, who was also at the club partying with Adrian’s “Entourage” co-star Kevin Connolly and actor Lukas Haas.

“She was very flirty with Leo,” a source told Rush & Molloy. “But he wasn’t saying much to her.”


What is the wold coming two and a B list celebrity – oh yes and that is being generous – can’t  throw herself at a cable star and get herself some loving?  Lindsay has been looking pretty good post-rehab so I don’t know why Adrian’s girl had to be so possessive and start blocking the fun.  Worst case scenario maybe Leo and Adrian can get Lindsay a walk on for a movie or something because she must need the money by now.

 Lindsay Lohan rejected
If she doesn’t get love soon this will happen again!

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