Gold proves to be worth its weight

February 10, 2008

The weekend box office saw two new comers overtake a teen ager while a hottie got crushed. The Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson treasure hunting romantic comedy, Fool’s Gold, took in a solid $22 million to hold off Martin Lawrence’s homecoming. Miley Cyrus took in another $10 million in with her concert movie that had been extended for a second week to meet demand. Paris Hilton’s attempt to act was met with resounding silence as it earned a pitiful $76 per theater.

1. “Fool’s Gold,” $22 million
2. “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins,” $17.1 million
3. “Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert,” $10.5 million
4. “The Eye,” $6.6 million
5. “Juno,” $5.73 million
6. “27 Dresses,” $5.7 million
7. “The Bucket List,” $5.3 million
8. “Rambo,” $4.1 million
9. “Meet the Spartans,” $4.075 million
10. “There Will Be Blood,” $4.073 million


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