Heath Ledger died of accidental OD

February 6, 2008

The medical examiner has determined the cause of Heath Ledger’s death was an accidental overdose of prescription medicine.

Heath Ledger died from an accidental overdose of prescription medications including painkillers, anti-anxiety drugs and sleeping pills, the New York City medical examiner’s office said Tuesday.

“Mr. Heath Ledger died as the result of acute intoxication by the combined effects of oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, alprazolam, and doxylamine,” the office said in a short statement.

“We have concluded that the manner of death is accident, resulting from the abuse of prescription medications.”


You have to wonder what his doctors are thinking having him on that many powerful drugs at one time. I have been on hydrocodone after surgery and that will knock you out. Judging by his list of pills that was the weakest one on the list. It is ashame that such a young talented person was taken because of prescription meeds.

Heath Ledger overdose

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