David Blaine will bore you to sleep

February 6, 2008

David Blaine, who became a household name doing street magic shows on ABC, is coming back to New York for another endurance effort. Some of his previous events have included standing on a pillar, living in water, being buried alive, and now his greatest trick yet – he will stay awake for 13 days! Yeah didn’t really get me all that excited either, but he is apparently taking it seriously.

“I’m down from 230 to 195 in seven weeks,” he said. “Daily it’s either Cipriani’s gym on Wall Street or one on 19th Street. Trainer Rich Baretta has me doing cardio workouts, core training, high repetitions. And I run 13 miles a week around Central Park’s reservoir. In cold weather, I run on machines. Two hours on a treadmill with 21/2-inch incline so the speed has no impact on my knees. My heart rate is at 140, not fast.”


Now I have no idea how being thin will help you stay awake longer. Do fat people find it easier to fall asleep or something? His last few stunts seem to draw crowds, but it is like watching paint dry for 13 days. This will take place later in 2008 in Central Park so feel free to go throw stuff at him to help him stay awake.

David Blaine staying awake for 13 days

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