Jessica Alba walks out on Cash

February 3, 2008

The unwed mother has walked out on her baby’s daddy.  Jessica Alba who is shoing her baby bump has apparently had enough of Cash and decided she is leaving.

The source says before they knew they were going to be parents, Cash and Jess had been struggling to get their relationship back on track. The couple’s romance had been rocked by a Russian model’s claims Cash was cheating on Jess with her.

“The baby was a bandaid measure,” says the source. “They thought that having a baby together would help.”


I really thought those two had a chance to make it to that kid’s first birthday together.   I am amazed that an unplanned surprise pregnancy isn’t the cure for all the problems in a relationship.  I guess they should have watched some Maury Povich to get an idea on what it is like to be an unwed mother.

Jessica Alba walks out on Cash Warren

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