Another Tom Cruise Scientology Video Spoof

February 1, 2008

This is a great spoof of the Tom Cruise Scientology video.

For the full story behind the spoof turn the page…

We got this creepy phone call in reference to a Tom Cruise spoof:

Here’s a quick back story:

Basically, we posted our Tom Cruise spoof on Friday Jan 25th on super deluxe and We started getting these weird emails on Saturday. We didn’t think much about it.

I got a call from one of my friends about 8am Monday morning saying that site was down. An article ran in the Athens paper on Tuesday Jan 29th about the incident.

the only thing on the site was the message: “Seek the Fundamental Truth”

Later that day we got this phone call. We also received an email from someone claiming to be from the associated press investigative division and they wanted a bunch of information about IP addresses and server logs etc. I called the AP and no one by that name works for them. Since all of this stuff has happened, we decided to release the uncut version of this video.

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