Paris and Elisha getting very close

January 31, 2008

With all his talk about Britney people are missing one of the biggest stories of the year!  Rumor of Paris Hilton ans Elisha Cuthbert making out in  club!  Of course no story would be really good without a solid denial statement given by Paris’ public relations team.  Nothing from Elisha though so you have to wonder if she has lousy people or she just want the memory to remain pure and unspoiled.  Wonder how long before the night vision film comes out?

Paris Hilton makes out with Elisha Cuthbert

Onlookers say the pair were “all over each other and making out” during a wild night at New York’s Tenjune club on Tuesday….Paris was at the club to celebrate a friend’s birthday – but were seen heading back to the heiress’ hotel room hand-in-hand around 5am.


“It’s false,” a rep for the Simple Life star tells OK!. “Elisha and Paris are good friends and Elisha has a boyfriend. Paris doesn’t kiss girls.”

I guess only time will tell if these two can make it work in a hostile celebrity world.  If Ellen and Anne couldn’t make it work what hope do these two have?

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