Justin Chambers joins Britney

January 31, 2008

Justin Chambers, better known as Dr. Karev of Grey’s Anatomy fame, checked himself into UCLA Medical center – the same location currently hanging on to Britney Spears for a few days. Chambers however entered the hospital under much different circumstances.

The 37-year-old father of five “suffers from a sleeping disorder and went in voluntarily to get some help,” the rep said.


Justin Chambers checks in to UCLA Medical CenterThis is how people shoul dhandle themselves. Justin is a family man with a bunch of kids, a wife, and a steady job. He obviously felt he was hitting a point where he needed some professional attention and he went out to get that help before it was too late. It’s ashame Britney couldn’t have had the same level of self awareness. Justin is back home with his family and reports say he is doing well.


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