Britney is committed after suicide fears

January 31, 2008

At approximately 10:45 PM PST reports emerged that Britney Spears had attempted suicide.  Various news agencies, paparazzi, and authorities were on the scene creating an eerily similar setup to last month’s meltdown.  Lynne Spears, Brit’s mom, apparently feared that her daughter was going to or had attempted suicide.  However Britney’s greatest friends in the world, Sam Lufti and Adnan Ghalib, were both with Spears and stated everything was fine.

Britney’s psychiatrist was in favor of another 5150 commitment so they star could be held for 72 hours.  He is concerend about her erratic driving, behavirm, and the fact she hasn’t slept in several days.  Britney was transported to UCLA Medical Center where her doctor has his practice.

At the Mecial Center Adnan went inside along with Britney’s parents, but Sam Lufti was denied access even though earlier reports claim he was the one calling the shots.  Rumors of bitter arguments taking place in the halls of UCLA Medical Center emerged and this story is far from over. Britney has surrounded herself with the wrong people for a long time and it seems she is just on an island.   Videos of the events can be seen here and here.

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