Best and Worst of American Idol in Miami

January 31, 2008

American Idol showed us what Miami had to offer last night and to see it was underwhelming would be saying a lot. I don’t know if they are holding back on some of the top singers until the Hollywood shows air to keep people from getting attached to singers early on or just to build some suspense, but Miami didn’t bring the WOW factor. The show itself was my least favorite of the auditions – and I usually find the auditions to be the best part of Idol. The most enjoyable act from last night were best friends Brittany and Corliss. They were two sexy BBW that worked the camera, showed great personality, and were able to follow it up with solid auditions.

The worst of the night for me was Julie DuBela from American Juniors “fame”. Until she mentioned that show I didn’t even remember it and to be honest after they showed the clip I knew why i blocked it form my memory. She came off as a cocky 16 year old girl that though because she made a crappy show 4 years ago she was a lock for Hollywood. She didn’t get any of the sarcasm Simon laid on her and she came off as a real bitch. Anyone else get that vibe?

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