Hot Gossip Stories January 30

January 30, 2008

20080128-lee_lee_sobieski_see_through_dress.jpg kate_hudson_matthew_mccobaughey.jpg kathy_griffin.jpg mariah-carey-puppy.jpg mileycyrus.jpg

  •  Leelee Sobiescki goes with the see thru dress – CP
  • Kate Hudson begs Matt to wear deodorant – AH
  • Kathy Griffin banned from The View again! – RC
  • Mariah Carey takes her puppies for a walk  –MJ
  • Destiny legally changes name to Miley Ray Cyrus  – GB
  • This is why you don’t wear bikinis in the snow – CH
  • Drunk girl + slippery kitchen counter =FUN  – SH
  • Skateboard wrecks are so much better when you add a pretty girl – HY
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