Brangelina selling baby info for charity

January 30, 2008

With rumors of impending twins coming for Brad and Angelina media outlets are scrambling for an exclusive story. Well if you have enough money you might be able to score the scoop. It seems the charitable couple will take the joyous news of a pregnancy and turn it into a bidding war to help others.

One SAG attendee tells Us in its latest issue, on newsstands now, “It was so obvious she was pregnant. You could clearly see the bump’s outline.”

The source reveals Jolie may sell the confirmation, with the money going to charity.


Now part of me says well if they media is going to go nuts over the story why not make some money and give it to charity, but another side says this is your pregnancy info you are selling. Why do you need an exclusive on this story anyway? Just wait 12 weeks and you will see the bump. The real news is the first picture of the baby. That is where they can make some serious money or the after birth. Anyway to help the starving children of the world.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to sell baby news?

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